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Creating a taxonomy – First Step for Your Website Cost Estimate

Your website should reflect the goals of your organization. A well-designed website will incorporate all the functionality needed to achieve your goals.  Before you start; determine what you want your website to do.  From the online brochure we mentioned to a sales and marketing machine.  Your website can become you best salesperson.

HubSpot defines a website taxonomy as, “the structure used for a website that organizes content in a logical manner so users can easily navigate the site and understand its purpose. Visually, this may look like different sections and pages within a website, or categories within a blog.”

A well-designed website should have a goal and a purpose.  The taxonomy will clarify your site’s goals before you start designing or creating content.  This is an essential step in planning any website, by deciding precisely what you want your site to do and then mapping it out, to reinforce your goals that becomes a part of your sales process.

There are many variables in building a website so it’s tough to get a quick estimate.  To get a precise estimate, you’ll need to know exactly what you want your website to do.  Do you want:

  • An online brochure
  • A simple website that features our organization’ services
  • A more complex website that allows us to sell products
  • A website that helps generate qualified leads
  • A website with embedded video
  • A website that has a variety of forms
  • A website that is a combination of the above

This website calculator will allow you to get a cost estimate.  The estimate will give you a ‘range’ and realize that it truly is an estimate.  A qualified bid is your next step in the process.  If the estimated range is in your budget, the next step is to set up a discovery meeting and nail down all the features and functionality you need.  From there a solid estimate and timeline can be developed.

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These are some of the questions you’ll need to answer on a discovery call to get a qualified quote:

  • Do you have a professional logo and color palette
  • How many pages will you need for the initial launch
  • Do you have 2-4 websites you like to guide the look and feel
  • What functionality do you need on the site like: forms, landing pages, pop-ups, chat
  • Will you provide the content for the pages or will you need it created for you
  • What is your timeline for starting and completing the project

Pricing for a website starts with how many pages and moves on to more complex items.  The more complex, the higher the cost.  The entire build out depends on the featured required. We take a holistic approach to the tech-stack.  That means we consider how your website will fit into your sales and marketing strategies.

Our website cost calculator helps you determine the different costs associated with a website, including website design, content, and functionality.  These variables can significantly increase or decrease the cost you arrive at. Once you complete the cost estimate using our calculator, you’ll get a good idea of the cost.  The next step is to reach out to us and we can help you nail down the cost and timeline.

We’re a full-service marketing agency, which means we can help with all aspects of digital marketing.  For you, it means that we help solve your marketing problems with the skillsets, expertise, customized marketing campaigns that will help grow your traffic, qualified leads and revenue.

We prefer to build websites on the WordPress platform.  WordPress has been around for almost 20 years.  It is a proven platform with over 455 million sites from personal blogs to small business websites to Fortune 500 websites like Sony Music and Forbes blog.

  • 37% WordPress Market Share (Percent of all Sites)
  • 62% WordPress Market Share (CMS Percentage)
  • 455 Million WordPress Websites Worldwide

Source: (

We develop custom websites using WordPress as a platform; our “website cost estimation tool” is for custom sites created using WordPress.

Would you like a firm quote and timeline for your website?  If so, just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you to set up a time for a discovery call.