7 Steps to Digital Marketing Success

Strategy Comes First

True revenue growth is achieved by solving your customer’s problems? What keeps them awake at night? What are their goals, pain points and struggles that take them to search the Internet?

It’s important to identify their motivations both intrinsic and extrinsic. What makes them anxious and keeps them from taking action?

You can address all of this with a digital marketing strategy, detailed customer personas and a well-crafted customer journey that informs you on how to create engaging content for each stage of the buyer’s journey. With the right content, in the right place at the right time, you will be able to grab your potential customer’s attention and gain their trust.

We believe that your potential customers want to buy…they want their problem(s) solved. The key is to reach them wherever they are in their journey and lead them step by step to your solution.

Strategy Comes First
content marketing

Create Engaging Content

We Create Content that Attracts Your Most Qualified Leads

Create the right content so your potential customers find you ‘first’. By answering questions and solving problems, you can build your customer base. Your customers will come to your site for information on how to relieve their pain points.

We know they have a problem to solve, and we want to attract them in the beginning stages of their buying process. By intercepting them early they will learn to trust your brand and take the steps to a purchase.

Don’t make the mistake thinking that content marketing is a ‘campaign’.  Creating content is something that you must bake into your strategy and ongoing digital marketing tactics.  Successful content marketing is about creating content on a regular and frequent basis and publishing that content on your website and all your social media channels.

Nurture, Lead-Score and Communicate

Simply put, the goal of content marketing is to transform your salespeople from hunters into farmers. In today’s marketplace it’s almost impossible to breakthrough and find decision makers that will engage with you. Hunting for that next lead with cold calls is labor and resource intensive which produces a low ROI and isn’t scalable.

However, if you’re nurturing leads created from your engaging content you can fill your sales pipeline with the most qualified prospects. As they inbound, you can answer their questions, help, and advise them on your best solution for their specific situation.

As your inbound lead pipeline grows, automated lead nurture workflows can take them through the customer journey, while the quality of your leads increase and the sales cycle time decreases.

This allows you to filter sales qualified leads (SQLs) before any action is taken by your sales team. If your sales team contacts these engaged prospect, who are both qualified and familiar with your brand, productions and solutions, your sales team will report that inbound leads are the easiest deals to close next to referrals.

content and the customer journey

Connect Your Content to the Customer Journey

If creating content alone was enough, digital marketing would be easy.

ut the challenge is, that every day, over 7.5 million blog posts are published and 720,000 hours of video are added to YouTube.

For potential customers to engage with your content and deliver a positive ROI, every piece of content needs to be connected to the next stage in the customer journey. By showing them the right next step (call to action) on every page, every post, every video, potential customers are more likely to act and convert.

The customer journey is all the steps someone takes to buy your products or services. It is not a linear step-by-step process. The potential customer might go directly to the transactional stage and buy immediately, or they may come back to your site time and time again before they buy.

Deliver them irresistibly helpful content that is easy to consume at every step of their journey, and then nurture them through the customer journey.

Improve Your Brand Experience

Mediocre brands create and then “set it and forget it” their website development. The websites goes unrefined and unimproved and most importantly remains static…no new content.

After a time of little to no results, they throw that outdated website away and pin all their hopes on a new website build-out hoping to save the day and grow revenue. Great brands don’t put all their money on a new website to drive years of growth. Instead, they launch a great foundation, then they iterate. And iterate. And iterate.

Incremental improvements, driven by analytics in your brand experience, marketing, lead scoring, sales processes, and lead nurturing is where you scale your traffic, leads and revenue.

Most brands don’t work iteratively. They spend more time designing new websites and new marketing initiatives than optimizing their most popular pages, posts, and emails. Growth comes not from just doing more but by optimizing and iterating.

build your online brand
Marketing Team Training

Develop Your Marketing Team

You most likely deserve to be right where you are with your current digital marketing efforts.
Your company is where it is because your level of success matches the skill sets of your team and the strength of the brand you’ve built.

To get to the next level and transform your digital marketing, you need to build the skills of your internal team.

These three things are vitally important:

#1: You must develop your internal team(s). Strategy and tactics only go so far. You must create the foundation of who your brand is, why you do what you do, and how it inspires your team to deliver value to your customers. This is what leads to exponential growth.
#2: You must train for skill gaps. Your performance gaps in sales and marketing come from talent and/or resource gaps. Whether it’s strategic, creative, content, or technical; you need a growth team that buys into your brand vision and can execute on your entire growth strategy.

As an agency, we can provide subject matter expertise for a fraction of the cost of developing your own internal growth team. As our subject matter expert interacts with your team, they help you develop the internal digital marketing DNA that builds your team’s skills.

#3: You must focus on incremental improvements. Growth comes from incremental improvements in your brand experience, marketing, segmenting, and lead scoring, sales processes, and nurturing effectiveness until you reach peak performance in every stage of the your digital marketing customer journey.

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