Mike is a “Go-To” professional for anything e-commerce related. He’s any early adopter of new technology, using hands-on experience to figure out the features and benefits of new media, and how the new tech will assist both his company and the end-user.

Mike has web site usability expertise, design expertise, as well as the end-user centric vision to make any new media company as success. His online expertise, coupled with his media sales background, integrity, and honesty, make Mike a highly-valued asset to any company.

Dave Kuhn

Mike Huber was a key member of the lodging software development team previously contracted by Triple Crown Sports. Our company now uses this system to support the required lodging process for all of our largest events around the country.

His patience was his strongest attribute through the challenging process of taking tools that his company had developed, and customizing them to fit our sports event business. Mike has a very strong depth of knowledge in technology and sports tourism. He was and is a pleasure to work with.

Roland Rivera
Sports Tourism,

We’ve only been working with Mike for a few months, but we are all impressed with what he brings to the table. With his guidance, we’ve completely revamped our online strategies and online presence – in a very short time we’ve gone from a random assortment of several websites without a clear vision to an orchestrated network that complements itself. Mike understands our company’s focus and direction, and is constantly helping us refine our vision.

From coming up with our company motto, ‘Investing in People and Property’, to leading the discussion of our current marketing and branding flaws and deficiencies (as well as solutions!) Mike has done quite a bit to change our company’s outlook on marketing.

Thanks to Mike marketing is no longer a necessary evil, but a fascinating component of our business. As a small company that doesn’t have the budget for a marketing department, Mike Huber is a no-brainer, and I would recommend his services to anyone that wants to expand their presence – online and off.

Jeff Beck
Assistant Director at Edge Construction Specialties,

Mike is one of my all-time favorite colleagues to work with on ANY project! He’s collaborative, insightful and has a mindset of underpromise/overdeliver! His common sense approach to marketing and strong communication skills are the winning combination that will make any project run more smoothly and effectively.

Working with Mike means your input will be valued, feedback will be succinct and considerate but direct. He comes to meetings prepared, and deliverables are on time— because he values YOUR time. Simply put, working with Mike will make your work life easier—- what more can we ask?!

JR Jacobs

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