Will ChatGPT Change Everything for Digital Marketers?

I like to read a lot, check out new things and stay on top of new technology.  I recently across something that I think will significantly impact the digital marketing landscape especially. social media marketing and content marketing.

Clearly, digital marketing will be changed forever.

Enter ChatGPT by OpenAI.  It is a user-friendly website interface that is easy to use.  Over a million people signed up in just a few days.

chatGPT signs up over a million users in just days.

ChatGPT created OpenAI as a conversational chatbot which can talk back almost as another human being would in the form of an essay.

Think about some of it’s uses: writing emails, blog posts, software code, how-to-guides and even high school and college essays.

Once you sign up, you can create articles, presentation outlines, tests, checklists and more.

I’ve been using it now for a couple weeks and can tell you that what it returns is impressive.

For example, I’m giving a presentation to the AMA Phoenix on Website Migrations.  I’m currently immersed in creating the slides and narrative.

I tested to see what ChatGPT would return for this query, ‘create an outline of the steps to a website migration’. This is what it returned:



– Identify the reason for the migration.
– Determine the scope of the migration (e.g. entire site, select pages or sections).
– Define the timeline and budget for the migration.
– Assemble a team of experts to handle the migration.


– Make a backup of the current website.
– Determine the content that needs to be migrated.
– Review and clean up the content (e.g. remove broken links, update outdated information).
– Set up the new website hosting and domain name.
– Create a redirect map to ensure that all old URLs are redirected to the corresponding new ones.


– Move the content and assets (e.g. images, videos) to the new website.
– Test the new website to ensure that all content is properly migrated and displayed.
– Implement the redirect map to ensure that all old URLs are redirected to the corresponding new ones.

Testing and launch:

– Test the new website to ensure that all features and functionality are working properly.
– Test the redirect map to ensure that all old URLs are properly redirected to the corresponding new ones.
– Launch the new website and update any external links (e.g. social media profiles, business listings) to the new website.


– Monitor the website for any issues or errors that may arise after the migration.
– Update the website as needed to keep the content fresh and relevant.

It’s important to be thorough and methodical during the website migration process to ensure that the new website is stable and fully functional.

As you can see, the outline is spot on.  Imagine how much time you can save as you start a new content project.  With this outline, I saved hours and was able to use the outline to create a logical, sequential presentation deck.

I used it to create a website migration test, content for my Arizona Tourism website and other documents.  You can’t just use the content as is.  You’ve got to make it your own through editing and adding to it.  I will most likely not fit your branding voice and tone, but it will be a good start that will save you tons of time.

What else can ChatGPT do?

In addition to blogging, copywriting and creating presentation outlines like in my example it can also generate images, answer questions, correct and improve your content, create business plans, write multiple choice tests, create poetry, and much more. I also had it write a scope of work document and an MSA for a digital marketing agency.  I was impressed with what it came back with.

How much does it cost?  There are some posts about potential pricing but right now it’s free to use and test.  The caveat is the response has been so overwhelming that you may not be able to sign up right away.

There is a good chance you will see this when you try to sign up:

ChatGPT will revolutionize the way content is created, distributed, and consumed. This artificial intelligence will help content creators create better and more engaging content…faster. AI-generated content will help creators engage with more people by helping them efficiently create specific content that is laser focused on their target audience.

AI technology levels the playing field and can make anyone an excellent content creator. In many cases, it delivers content that once enhanced will improve the overall value of content marketing.

Image how much time you will save.

Realize that ChatGPT is in its early days. It is still learning. After it returns its response, you can click a button and add in what would have made the response even better.  You’ll be training and giving the neural network the ability to learn. Then you can ask it to try again and again so in the long run with your input it gets better and better.

Who is behind ChatGPT

According to Wikipedia:

“In December 2015, Sam Altman, Elon Musk, Greg Brockman, Reid Hoffman, Jessica Livingston, Peter Thiel, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Infosys, and YC Research announced[9] the formation of OpenAI and pledged over $1 billion to the venture. The organization stated it would “freely collaborate” with other institutions and researchers by making its patents and research open to the public.”

According to Tech Funding News, there is also a deal on the table to add Microsoft into the mix:

“Realising the tool’s potential, Redmond giant Microsoft has decided to invest $10B in OpenAI at a valuation of $29B. However, it needs to be made clear whether the deal is finalised. 

As a part of the funding, Microsoft will reportedly get a 75% share of OpenAI’s profits until it makes back the money on its investment, post which the tech giant would take a 49% stake in OpenAI.”

AI has the ability to drive cars so it seems a much simpler task to create content.

  • What are your thoughts about this new technology?
  • Will you use it?
  • Will it impact jobs in content marketing?